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Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Thu Aug 1 14:14:01 CDT 2002

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Dona -

Allow me to jumble your message a little.

>I don't know big html words, this is my first time.

Before you begin you need to learn the basics of html.  Look for some HTML
tutorials online using Google.  You don't need to get too deep, just the
basics which will introduce you to the base language of webpages.

>I really need [tutorials] to be in plain and simple language just like I'm
writing in
>right now---

As I mentioned, Google is your friend for finding tutorials.  Tutorials are
usually well written, but they often involve many new concepts which tends
to make them more convoluted and harder to understand by a beginner.
However, read a few tutorials on one subject and you can put the distinct
pieces of the puzzle together to form a better overall picture.

>Also, when I ask for customer response or when they place an online order,
>can I use Microsoft Access to make a data base?   How do I link the things
>up to the web pages on my site?

Customer responses can be stored in a database, flat files, or emailed to
you by using one of the more popular server side scripting languages such as
ASP (Primarily windows environment), PHP (Windows/*nix Environment), or Cold
Fusion.  First determine what scripting language you want to learn to make
your site dynamic then look for tutorials online that target different
skills such as saving or retrieving data from the database.  However, before
you move to server side scripting make sure you understand client side
scripting (e.g. html).

Along the way you will have a lot of learning to do and frustrating times (I
know I still do and its been years), but at the end of the day you could
pull off an ecommerce site that you could call your own.

Good luck!

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