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> Hi gang.

Hello Doctor Nick! </thesimpsons>

> As you all probably know, evolt.org will have some downtime while our
> servers are moved to a new facility (check the evolt.org home page for
> details in case you missed Martin's earlier email).
> Another effect of this move is that the members.evolt.org server will
> be unable to handle incoming emails or forward them elsewhere. So if
> you actively use your members.evolt.org email account, now would be a
> good time to make alternate arrangements. Otherwise, all emails to
> you will bounce for about a week.

Clarification required here: if someone sends email to an evolt.org mailing
list or to a members.evolt.org email address, it *should* get queued at the
point of origin, e.g. your local mail server or your ISPs smart hosts.  No
mail should actually get lost.

> Tell your friends, family, and co-
> workers so they have another email address to contact you. If you're
> subscribed to other mailing lists with your meo account, now would be
> a good time to save those list admins some grief and unsubscribe for
> a while (or set your account to nomail).

This is hopefully last resort behaviour - the worst thing that could happen
is that the listadmins see some mails queued, and you get a flood of email
into your meo mailbox when the systems come back online.  You may want to
suspend mailing list accounts just for that purpose, but again no mail sent
to your accounts should get lost.

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