[thelist] Client troubles

Tim Parkin tim at pollenation.net
Fri Aug 2 07:19:03 CDT 2002

Daniel Fascia posted ->
>Today a client complained at my 'extortionate' rates because I quoted
>£2500 for a company site allowing an online job database
>which they can update (with MT) and a full site design including
>is it me or is that an unreasonable reaction???

That works out at 2 weeks work @ £35 per hour.

The job database should take about 2 days to code and test. The site
design should take approx 2 days. Building a template from the design 1
day. Populating the content throughout the site 2 days. Checking and
testing for all browsers 1 day. Client administration 1 day.

9x35x8 = £2520.

I normally add on another 50% to my time estimates so I would charge
more than this but it sounds more than reasonable unless the site is
only 5 or 10 pages.

I think the only way he'll get it cheaper is if someone does it in their
spare time. I used to do this and would probably have charged £1000 for
it but after the amount of times I've ended up doing quadruple the
amount of work I don't think I'd ever do this again, there are always
some who will though.

Don't be afraid of clients, they obviously don't really want a website
and will never be happy with what you produce. Compare this to a company
I know who charged 20k for a site of a very similar nature and the they
didn't blink an eyelid. Stick to your guns..


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