[thelist] HTML as data structure

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Fri Aug 2 10:43:02 CDT 2002

After reading the theory discussions here for awhile, I think I need something
clarified. In the grand scheme of things, HTML is for structure, CSS is for
style, and XML is for semantics, correct? So in regular HTML/CSS documents,
there is no semantic meaning, right?

To write HTML in its true purpose, you should strive to simply structure the
data, with no thought to style whatsoever. Then, you should apply style to that
structure with CSS, without modifying the structure to facilitate style. For
example, tables should be used exclusively for tabular data, and <span
class="bold">something</span> has no structure associated with it, so the bold
style should be applied by some other method.

Am I even close to getting my thoughts organized right here?



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