[thelist] Page Render condition

Christopher Joseph Christopher at ideadesigners.com
Sun Aug 11 00:54:18 CDT 2002

Hi List,

One of our designers is having a problem with a .net generated page that
suffers from a rendering/loading race condition. An event is triggered
before the page has finished loading in the client browser and as a result
an object does not exist at the point at which it is required by the event.
Moving the code to an earlier point in the page fixes the problem but
results in rendering issues in Mozilla base browsers (this rendering issues
is resolved if the page is reloaded from a cached copy). The code in
question is menuing code that is visible/nonvisible dependant on events.

Is it possible to instruct the client browser load the page before
displaying it using a tag of some kind?

Thanks in advance,


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