[thelist] Client troubles

Shug Miller hugh.miller23 at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 11 01:29:01 CDT 2002

This problem is partly due to the desperation of providers like BT to sign
peoples eyes. There are a load of companies offering a "website" -
pre-templated etc
as part of a deal to some monthly contract as ISP/Host whatever. On top of
there are too many "My pal is going to do one" - yeah, in Frontpage, with
and 200k Jpegs.

The printing industry is suffering a similar thing - people suddenly have
PC's in the
house and think that an MS-Word file is "Artwork Supplied" and thus debate
why they are being charged an extra £2000 to re-do the leaflet they want to

This will settle in time I'm sure. Like all markets an entry level price
will be established
that allow people like us to eat, and, hopefully, drink...


> That is definitely an unreasonable reaction. Boy, I remember when I
> worked from home and would deliver a cost estimate, and I knew it was
> fair, and I KNEW the client would object because, pardon my french,
> they were idiots.
> I guess it goes with the territory, but I had that piece of land. Not
> much you can do but educate them as best you can. Pretty tough in a
> tight economy.
> Tom

> --- Daniel Fascia <danfascia at totalise.co.uk> wrote:
> > Something that never ceases to amaze me about the web industry
> > is how people haven't got a clue of the cost of things and have
> > little
> > or no appreciation of skills involved in what they are paying
> > for...
> >
> > Today a client complained at my 'extortionate' rates because I
> > quoted
> > £2500 for a company site allowing an online job database
> > which they can update (with MT) and a full site design including
> > imaging....
> >
> > is it me or is that an unreasonable reaction???

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