[thelist] Java VM

Edwin Martin e.j.martin at chello.nl
Sun Aug 11 14:01:01 CDT 2002

Hi Joel Konkle-Parker,

>What are the differences, and relative benefits, of the Sun Java VM vs.
>Microsoft's VM? Objective advice, please, no "because microsoft sucks".

Microsoft's JVM is stuck at version 1.1.4.
Sun's JVM is at version 1.4 and is much more mature.

Microsoft's JVM only runs on Microsoft Windows.
Sun's JVM runs on a variety of platforms.

Microsoft's JVM has hooks to the Win32 API's (J/Direct).
Sun's JVM has also hooks for native code, but you have
to develop them yourself.

Microsoft's JVM was very fast, but this is probably a
moot point because of its age. Newer JVM's not only
made progress in features, but also in speed.

Microsoft has publicly stated they won't support Java
soon. (In a couple of years?).


IBM also has a nice JVM:

Edwin Martin.

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