[thelist] CSS: colour attributes

Kid Stevens kstevens89 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 11 15:08:55 CDT 2002

Sure can, it will break in some browsers if not properly tagged and closed off.

If you were on w3c then the CSS is probably the hardest to navigate.
I downloaded the css2.pdf document by searching for it since I knew
the file name.

I use stylemaster for CSS since I get free updates when the spec
changes and it warns when a browser won't support it.


>As far as I understand, colour can be specified in a number of ways in HTML
>and CSS
>"white"   a limited number of named colours.
>"#FFFFFF" hexadecimal, three groups of two.
>rgb(255,255,255) three groups representing, red, green blue.
>I've been seeing this "#FFF" all over the place for a long time. At first,
>I thought that it was simply sloppy code. Then I found Eric Meyer using it.
>I can't seem to find a reference that details the composition of the
>statement, even on the w3c. I'm feeling kind'a stumped, kind'a dumb.
>Can someone point me in the right direction?
>Frank Marion
>framar at interlog.com
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Kid Stevens

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