[thelist] relative paths in CSS

Burhan burhankhalid at members.evolt.org
Sun Aug 11 19:41:01 CDT 2002

On Sunday 11 August 2002 05:22 pm, Rob Oviatt wrote:
> How do you express relative paths in CSS?  I'm using the body style (below)
> to load a background image for a web site I've built.  It works fine in IE,
> but Mozilla 1.0 doesn't find the file.  If I remove the "images/" and drop
> a copy of the gif in the same directory, Mozilla can find it.
> I've been surfing the net, but every example of "background-image" I've
> found, doesn't use a sub directory as the source.  Can anyone shed some
> light on this?
> body {
>          font-weight : normal;
>          font-family : "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
>          font-size : 12px;
>          background-image: url(images/bg.gif);
>          background-position : center;
>          color: #2A4F6D;
>          background-color : #fab400;
> }

Did you try using quotes? Sounds silly, but it could fix the problem.
background-image: url("/images/bg.gif");

Also, when the image doesn't display...right click on it and choose
properties. Then you can see where it is looking for it. It helps me when my
paths are messed up.


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