[thelist] Javascript on the fly ... not flying

lon.kraemer lwkraemer at directvinternet.com
Sun Aug 11 20:33:01 CDT 2002

> Boy, I'm in deep yogurt and really need some JS help. I took over a
site to make various revisions and have a deadline of 8/20 to finish
them all. Have a ~major~ problem with one page only, a page that calls
images on the fly (in the lefthand column underneath the navigation). I
can't get the images to display. Tried going with a simple openWindow
function listing the width, height, etc. in the <head> then an <a href
blah blah> in the body, but that doesn't resize the images.
> The original page is at: http://www.sur-sys.com
>  and select Services from the menu.
> My revised page is at:
> The site pages had no DTD so I selected 4.01 Trans. Also I added an
imported stylesheet as well as making a remote.js file. So I only left
the JS that refers to this function in the <head> tag on the Services
page. You'll notice in the JS on the Services page I removed the
reference in the content to any style sheet (thinking the script got
confused wondering which sheet to refer to) ... but that didn't do any
> ????????

The image is not relatively in the same place. You're working from a
different directory (and 1 level deeper) than the original. You are also
losing the background color by removing the stylesheet reference (I get
my "remind-me" ugly color).

Lon Kraemer

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