[thelist] Running msxml

fstorr fffrancis at fstorr.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 12 14:28:47 CDT 2002

First off you need to call the program properly.
>From your command prompt (where ever the fies reside) you should type:
msxsl xpath.xml xpath.xsl -o output.html

Notice the "-o output.html" This tells the parser what your output is.
Without that it won't know what to do with the transformation. You can
get a list of all the switches for MSXSL here:


If you are typing this in correctly and still getting the error then it
sounds like you don't have the MSXML 4.0 parser installed. The MSXSL
command line program requires msxml4.dll which can be obtained from this



Hi Brad.

Mmmm, I had already downloaded and ran the installer from that URL.  Is
there anything else I should be downloading (I'm new at this XML thing,
as you might have guessed...)

I tried calling the program as you suggested and got the same error
message, so now I'm stumped.

Any more ideas would be greatly appreiciated.


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