[thelist] Dreamweaver DHTML Menus

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon Aug 12 15:21:47 CDT 2002

A client passed us some Dreamweaver templates they wanted used for a
design.  Anyways, they altered some images and now the DHTML menu <div>s
don't line up with them anymore.

Does anybody happen to know, in the litany of JavaScript functions that
Dreamweaver uses, where it hides the top and left position values for these
menu layers?  I thought it would be in the function that actually defines
the menu and its menu items but it's not there anywhere.

I'd post the code for the JavaScript people out there, but it's 700 lines
long.  However, if you can help and want to see it, please let me know and
I can e-mail you off-list.

(And please don't berate me on the evils of absolute positioning.  I
know.  But this seems to be a client for whom, 'Time travel hasn't been
invented yet' is not an adequate enough excuse for why this wasn't done

Thanks all.


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