[thelist] [maybe OT] mozilla question

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Tue Aug 13 20:54:01 CDT 2002

OK all,

I've finally made the switch from "using mozilla as a backup/test browser"
to "using mozilla as main browser" (fingers crossed).

One question, the answer which is probably enormously obvious, but it
has me stumped. How can I make links executed externally (e.g. clicking
links in Outlook, or entering them in Start -> Run), open in new windows
(or tabs).

In other words, don't reuse the same window: start a new one. The IE
equivalent is "Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing -> Reuse windows
for launching shortcuts", but buggered if I can find it mozilla.

Help please.


<tip type="IIS">
Keep getting a "printers" virtual directory added to your IIS default
web site every time you reboot? It's annoying AND a security risk. To
kill it:

- Nuke %SystemRoot%\web\printers

- Remove the .printer ISAPI extension

- Use the MMC Group Policy snap-in to turn off the "web based printing"
  option, or it'll all be re-created again on reboot.

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