[thelist] php email verify weird problem

Andrew Mesnay andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Wed Aug 14 03:30:01 CDT 2002

silly silly me, having just pasted the two lots of code I noticed the problem, I
did think it was something other than this but is was simply this:

$dbname, was omitted from the following.

mysql_db_query($dbname, "insert into mailinglux values('','$email')");

I still have the problem of not incorporatting the tick boxes for this email
submit, and I have seen one of the obvious senarios for this.  If a visitor
returns to make another purchase they aren't going to subscribe to the same
newsletter but will still have the same email address to receive normal
correspondence order confirmation etc, so the tick box is fairly important!

Any ideas how one should go about this?


I am still getting 2 of every post and I have tried all sorts to stop it!!
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