[thelist] php settings for DB access

Andrew Mesnay andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Wed Aug 14 04:10:01 CDT 2002

Interestingly I was looking through a couple of folers and came across a folder
that contqined all the settings to connect to the DB, I put an index.html file
in the folder but that didnt work everything still gets displayed??

whats the most secure way to counter this, any ideas


$sitename = "htpp://www.name.co.uk"; #Insert your site name
$support = "support at name.co.uk"; #Insert your support's email address
$remove_url = "http://www.name.co.uk/mailing/remove.php3"; #Insert the url of
the remove.php3 script
$dbhost = "localhost"; #Insert your database host
$dbname = "name"; #Insert your database name
$dbuser = "user"; #Insert your database username
$dbpass = "pass"; #Insert your database password

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