[thelist] SQL 2000 auto create ID's

Ingrid Z evoltlist at rogers.com
Wed Aug 14 08:33:01 CDT 2002

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Hello again evolters,

I need your assistance again !

I promise to give some tips, after this project is over.

I want SQL 2000 to automatically create unique ID's and passwords for users to have access to a website.
They go to one site, sign up, that then allows them access to a different site, with this new ID and password.
(currently, we are creating the ID's and passwords manually and email notifications are sent out using CDONTS).

Each unique ID must start with 'AB'.
Then I want to add after the 'AB' seven random alpha and/or numeric characters.

The password can be anything, six characters.

Any suggestions for resources, sample scripts? Or even someone in Toronto who wants to earn some extra money?

Any ideas appreciated !!



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