[thelist] Netscape rendering issues

Melissa Phelps Firestone liss at frameshift.com
Wed Aug 14 21:02:00 CDT 2002

Thanks to everyone who wrote with ideas and thoughts. After stepping away
and letting it stew for awhile, we decided it really did have to be
doctype-related. Once we started going through the doctype issues, we
realized that the problems are all based on images being displayed as inline
rather than block-level elements.

<tip type="Image display in Netscape 6 with Strict doctypes" author="Liss">
Adding a style to the style sheet (see below) that calls for images to be
displayed as block-level elements and applying it to the table cells in
question has solved the problem. Now cells that contain only an image don't
have any extra space added.

The declaration:
    td.beBlock img {
        display: block;

Finally! Thanks again,

On 8/14/02 6:51 PM, "Heather Quinn" <info at windyhilldesign.com> wrote:

> Netscape is applying a default font size within your TD's.  You can test
> this  by doing Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to up- or down-size the page's fonts:
> You'll see that as you increase the font sizes, the space under your
> logo will increase, too, and as you decrease the page's fonts, the extra
> space will reduce and eventually disappear.
> If you create a style class with a small font and apply it to TD's
> containing images, your problem should be solved.
> During the past year, I've been setting up style sheets with a default
> TD font size (and color) appropriate for displaying alt texts in
> NN6+/Mozilla, for those times when images don't load.  I use an 8-point
> font.  While my main purpose in doing this was to make sure that alt
> text's would be readable yet not break the layout if images didn't load,
> I discovered there was an added bonus, in that no extra space seems to
> be created within TD's containing images.  Also, supplying a default
> size to TD also seems to remove TD from the font up-size/down-size loop
> in NN6+/Mozilla, as long as there's no visible text in the table cell --
> thus the graphical portion of the layout doesn't break as the page
> rerenders when users change the font size with Ctrl+ or Ctrl-.
> Melissa Phelps Firestone wrote:
>> I have a page that displays perfectly in IE (5+), decently enough (for now)in
>> NS4.7, and like utter garbage in NS6. It's mostly validated XHTML 1.0.
>> The page is at
>> The problem seems to be that Netscape is putting in spaces and otherwise
>> resizing page elements at its own whim, and nothing that we do can change it.
>> (For example, there's a break within the logo in the top left and another
>> below the tagline)...
>> Thanks for any help you can give!
>> --Liss
> --
> Cheers,
> Heather Quinn
> info at windyhilldesign.com
> http://www.windyhilldesign.com


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