[thelist] A Better Windows Email Client

m u i n a r muinar at gmx.net
Fri Aug 16 02:36:01 CDT 2002

At 00:17 16.08.02, you wrote:
>yeah, after a few years and a few email clients, i gave up on that...
>too often messages got munged...
>now i export to plain text archives, and i can search those
>whenever i want, or archive 'em, and not worry about platform or
>mail client at all...

Aardvark, I agree. That's the only way that seems to work for me,

Eudora stores each mailbox into a plain text file. I can open it
in an advanced text editor and use regexp search functions, I can
parse it and read parts of stuff automatically into a database if I
want to, do statistics, etc.

And in ten years? I don't need proprietary software just to read
my email or to do researches. This alone is a quite scary point in
using Outlook IMHO. (Dunno if I will still use Eudora then -
anyway I don't care. Jeff, I'm not an Eudora addicted like you seem
to be with Outlook, I'm just a user that did the switch after some
considerations two years ago.)

Aardvark, I wonder if you have a special way to archive the messages
that has advantages over the way Eudora stores them? Again, this is
not to fight for Eudora, I'm just interested into ways to approve my
workflow, anytime.

And back to my question from before, can any Bat! user tell me
please whether The Bat! saves messages into plain text files or into
a binary file like Outlook?

Tnx   :)


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