[thelist] PayPal with Local Database

Keith cache at dowebscentral.com
Fri Aug 16 02:47:01 CDT 2002

At 05:37 PM Thursday 8/15/2002, benji wrote:
>i agree that this is a terrible decision by paypal not to provide
>testing servers. however, i think they may have done it purposely, for
>testing we had to actually make genuine payments. of course, these could
>be refunded, but by then paypal had already creamed off their
>transaction fees.

I trick PayPal out of that money. I always seem to have some balance in my
PayPal account when I need to set up a client and do the testing. I make
sure I do that before the client has verified their account (or create a
new bogus account for the test). If the account has not yet been verified
there's an "accept" or "deny" on the transaction. Just deny it and it goes
back to the sender, no charges either way.

cache at dowebscentral.com

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