[thelist] Site CSS problem

Phil Essing vlbmlofm at videotron.ca
Fri Aug 16 19:44:01 CDT 2002


I was intrigued by this problem, so I grabbed your source and began
playing with it.  Since nothing seemed obviously wrong with the HTML or
CSS, I began to go the process-of-elimination route.  I quickly
determined that, for whatever reason, the PRE tags were causing this
problem, and so I tried something, just for fun....which seems to do the
trick!  I changed the PRE property's display value to INLINE, from its
default value of BLOCK.

Add this to your stylesheet:

	display: inline;

If any of you CSS gurus can explain this, I'd love to here from you.


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> Hi,
> On my website: http://david.ulevitch.delmar.ca.us/
> When the "finger" is off, the site loads fine.  When the
> "finger" is loaded everything below the finger is shunted to
> the left a bit and I can't figure out why.  Is it a bug in my
> CSS? In IE?
> You'll see what I mean when the page is loaded, otherwise I
> can take screenshots.  I am using IE6 on winXP.
> Thanks,
> davidu
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