[thelist] Mac OS9 network total lockdown

Kid Stevens kstevens89 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 20 10:16:15 CDT 2002

Locking a Mac up has to be system planned. They do not lock down
easily like NT or UNIX.  In the old days Folder Bolt would allow the
system folder to be locked for write privileges except for

Apple adapted that technology for the Education Market, K-12 mostly.
I have never seen it used to lock down applications before in a
business.  I do like the fact the System folder could be locked.
That stops users from adding stupid apps that crashes the computer
into the System Folder.

She doesn't need to change it back and forth.  Set Photoshop to 72
Meg Max and 24 Meg minimum and do the same for Illustrator.  Then
leave them alone.  Photoshop opens files well in excess of the
computers RAM.  It only needs more RAM itself to handle variables and
pointers into the large file.

At 3:15 PM +0100 8/20/02, Geoff Sheridan wrote:
>Hi peeps
>It is possible to lock-down a mac OS 9 network so that users cannot
>access their own hard drives (just the desktop) or change the memory
>allocations of their applications.
>*Why* would anyone do this, *how* is it done and is there any *way
>round it* that would not get my girlfriend (see below) fired?
>Background: My girlfriend has just started work at a large web design
>agency in London, basically processing photoshop files. She found
>that Photoshop had the default RAM allocation (about 24MB) and that
>she could not change it. To change it requires booking in a visit
>from the surly tech support. Since the new machine has a mere 256MB
>installed, it would be best to change it depending on whether she is
>also running Illustrator (less RAM), working on a large file (more
>RAM) etc. But she can't.
>Is this good practice on the part of the admin, or (as I suspect) FUD
>mixed with incompetence?
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