[thelist] SQL View: Join? SubQuery?

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Tue Aug 20 10:45:00 CDT 2002


I am trying to put together a View in MS-SQL. At this point, I am just
looking for a push in the right direction so that I can use trial and error
to learn this syntax, because it will come up again. :)

Here are the Tables I have:



The field Performed Pieces in Programs is a list (1, 287, 543, 2)
where each list item would match the CompID from Composers, etc

The end result needs to be a completed Program Record, where all fields are
shown, including the Title and Composer Name from Compositions. For example:

Venue: Jones Hall, Houston Texas
Date: August 20, 2002
Conductor: Elmer Fudd
Performed Pieces:
Composition in A Minor (for Marimba) - Bugs Bunny
Corino Falso - Eliades Ochoa
Camp Hill Comrade - Harland Mitchell

Should I be looking at using a Subquery in the View for this, or a Join? or
something else? Or is this just a bad idea? ;)

Thanks for your help!
Susan Wallace

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