[thelist] Interfacing an unknown com object from ASP (long)

Cookstour cookie at yoyo.org
Tue Aug 20 11:43:01 CDT 2002

David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil wrote:
>> Cheers for the ideas David.
> Thanks. :)

No probs!

> Maybe you are passing some other incompatible type into the function.
> I noticed you had a number in quotes -- did you mean to pass it as a
> string like that? If it's doing any kind of math-related functions on
> that value it will fail with a type error.
> -dave

I thought about that too - but the very first example I gave :

    intCardCheck = objKort.CardCheck ( 1, "1", 20, "4552xxxxxxxxxxxx", 50,
5, 0,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" )

works just fine. It's only swapping the "" values for variables that causes
a complaint.

I just tried:

    intCardCheck = objKort.CardRequest(1, "1", 20, "4552629013296348", 50,
5, 0, Cstr(ControlNo), cStr(ReplyCode), Cstr(Message), Cstr(CardType),

Which seems to be accepted by the object, but doing

Response.Write Message

gives nothing I'm afraid, so it doesn't *seem* to be passing back a value.
However this does all seem to be pointing in the right direction, so I'll
give it as feedback to the programmer and see if that helps us get any
nearer the solution tomorrow.

If anyone has any further ideas about this I am all ears. If we can make
this work it'll be big kudos to our company and will help cement an
important relationship we are developing with a strategic partner (hence the
political part of the decision to go with a supplier who doesn't have a
complete product *sigh*).



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