[thelist] CSS: font-size fun!

Timothy J. Luoma lists at tntluoma.com
Thu Aug 22 01:33:01 CDT 2002

michael ensor wrote:
> using css " absolute" font size keywords may validate but  implementation is
> problematic.

but can be made much easier using the techniques at

> 1. IE 5.5  displays fonts sized with the small keywords at the default size

see above

> 2. Ditto Opera

It is true that Opera generally shows font keywords "too big" ... this
bug has been reported to them and will hopefully be fixed in v7
(codename "Presto" :-)

However, most Opera users are savvy enough to know how to change the
zoom of a page if it appears too large to them, and so this is a minor
problem at worst.

BTW to see how font sizes compare, you might checkout


which I put up the other day to show somehow IE's lack of ability to
resize fonts which are in PT or PX but which also uses keywords.

The biggest benefit of font keywords, IMO, is that they won't get "too
small" ... if you haven't read the above URL, it's well worth the read
(warning: it may take a few read-throughs to digest it all!)

Actually the whole diveintoaccessibility is a great series


Coming soon:           30 Days to becoming an Opera Lover

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