[thelist] XHTML Frames Question

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Aug 22 06:10:05 CDT 2002

I had an HTML page with 2 frames.  The top one does not scroll vertically
but the bottom does.  Each page when viewed alone in IE 6.0 does not scroll
horizontally--i.e. each page fits into the browser very nicely.  When viewed
together in one framed page, each frame still does not scroll horizontally.

I have now converted this page to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.  Still, each page
when viewed alone in IE 6.0 does not have a horizontal scroll bar.  When
viewed together, however, the bottom frame does scroll horizontally.  The
amount it scrolls appears to be (I didn't actually measure) exactly the
width of the vertical scroll bar.  I am guessing that what is happening is
that the top frame has let's say 780 pixels width; so the browser thinks
that that is the width it should use to display the bottom frame as well.
The bottom frame, however, has a vertical scroll bar of let's say 10 pixels.
So the viewing area is of course only 770 pixels.  Thus the need for a
horizontal scroll bar to view those extra 10 pixels.

Changing the width of the browser does not affect the horizontal scroll
bar--i.e. it always remains.  This site supports only IE 6.0 so I am not
really interested how the page looks on anything else.

Anyone have any ideas as to whether I am correct and as to what I can do to
remove this horizontal scroll bar--it looks terrible. :(


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