[thelist] CSS lists line height

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 22 13:31:01 CDT 2002

i agree with james...

if you have bullets that really do require many paragraphs of
content, i'd suggest you don't have a bullet list, but you have
content that can be structured with <h#>s and <p>s and should be
removed from a list format altogether...

granted, it depends on the content, but as soon as my bullet lists
become more than a paragraph per bullet, i usually take a step
back and reformat the content... not only could it become easier on
the user (using headings and paragraphs), it also ensures i'm not
rambling on and on and that i do have some structure to my
content (and thus, my page)...

if all you want to use the <p>s for is spacing, then you're using
them for the wrong reason, and you're better off styling your lists
themselves to get the margins you want...

CSS is a great tool, and when used properly can handle this
issues for you without having to resort to classing every last thing
on the page, too...

> From: "James Aylard" <evolt at pixelwright.com>
> > Erika, do what rudy said. While my point will work it's not
> > semantically "right", i.e. it's just sloppy.
>     Not so fast. Applying a margin to a list item element (<li>) is
>     not
> "sloppy", IMO, nor is it semantically wrong. It's a perfectly good use
> of CSS that rudy happens to personally dislike (simply as a matter of
> taste, as far as I can tell). If you are placing paragraphs within
> your list items, by all means use a <p> element. But if you simply
> want to expand vertical spacing on the list item, which seemed to be
> Erika's intent, apply an increased margin using CSS. Unless there is a
> problem with browser implementation of which I am unaware, using CSS
> in this instance is an excellent option.

Read the evolt.org case study
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