[thelist] First Commercial Site. Check?

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Thu Aug 22 14:42:00 CDT 2002

Nice looking site. I only have a few major problems with it.

1. The text in the navigation area blends in with the background in
spots and is tricky to read. I would lighten the graphic so that the
text stands out more.

2. The menus move around and items dissapear once they have been clicked
- the recipe that you are viewing is not longer in the menu. Maybe keep
the menu/recipe option their just don't make it a link. Having links
dissappear can be very confusing for people.

3. I hate when things open in windows and I am not expecting it. Just a
personal beef, but others may agree. A meny option should never open in
a pop up window.

I think that is all. Otherwise a very nice little website.


Daniel Medley wrote:

>Just finished my first site for someone else; http://www.chezbetty.com
>If you could please check it and let me know any thoughts, advice, or
>opinions I would appreciate it. How it behaves in various browsers and
>platforms etc. I know the CSS is a bit sloppy, I will fix that. Also, I know
>it is hosed in NN4, that's okay. What about other browsers? Again, any
>comments would be appreciated.
>Daniel Medley

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