[thelist] First Commercial Site. Check?

Erik lists at ehummel.net
Thu Aug 22 14:54:02 CDT 2002

Hello Daniel,

I only have one problem, and that is with the visibility of the text on
the menu. With the text being so close to the same color as the grapes
in the background, it made it a little difficult to pick up what the
links said without squinting. I know the text is resizable (even in
IE6/WinXP which is what I am viewing with by the way), but sometimes the
average user doesn't know that.

Besides for that... great job on your first commercial site, I would
definitely call it a success.


Just finished my first site for someone else; http://www.chezbetty.com
If you could please check it and let me know any thoughts, advice, or
opinions I would appreciate it. How it behaves in various browsers and
platforms etc. I know the CSS is a bit sloppy, I will fix that. Also, I
it is hosed in NN4, that's okay. What about other browsers? Again, any
comments would be appreciated.

Daniel Medley

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