[thelist] A form that results in a POST

Andrew Embler andrew at electricstate.com
Sat Aug 24 03:34:22 CDT 2002

Hello all,

I'm creaing a web-app in PHP. Let's say its a Calendar. This is the problem
I'm having, and what makes it worse is that it's the way that the browser
is supposed to behave, but at this point I wish it weren't:

* User adds an item to his/her calendar, (through a form, clicks "Save",
form submits, etc...)
* User then sees the Calendar view, w/new item present.
* User clicks on another navigation link (e.g.: User heads to the
"Projects" page.)
* User tries to use the back button on his/her browser, but then gets the
following warning:

Internet Explorer: "The page cannot be refreshed without re-sending the
information." Or worse: simply a blank page loads with the words "Page has

Mozilla: "The page you're trying to view contains POSTDATA."

IF the user hits Cancel, he/she gets nowhere. If the user hits "Retry/Ok"
he/she adds another of the same items to the page - ie: the first query is
re-posted to the page, resulting in an annoying duplicate.

What I want to do is this: I want the initial form to post the additional
information, the php script to process it, and then the page to reload.
However, at that point, I want the page to think it hasn't been generated
by a post. Any way to do this?

Andrew Embler
andrew at electricstate.com
Dynamic Web Development and Design

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