[thelist] Is This A Copyright Violation?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Aug 29 14:48:14 CDT 2002

At 01:09 AM 30-08-02, ::kevination:: wrote:
>Pat, why don't start out with a phone call to the competitor? At least
>attempt to get them to remove the stuff voluntarily. It's a hell of a
>lot faster and cheaper than a lawyer.

Hell, use a bit of reverse psychology on them. Write to them, be very
polite, and explain how you're so sure that lawyers will not be required
that you've decided to write personally instead of bringing any in. You are
indirectly putting the fear of legal action in them without actually
spending money on lawyers. The benefit of legal action becoming a deterrent
without any of the costs involved. Nice, eh?


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