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Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Mon Sep 9 08:14:01 CDT 2002

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> > given that you do want an admin screen for these odds
> > and sods pieces of app data, it means you don't have to
> > re-invent the esoteric code that stores and manages this
> > data in some external file, which surely will vary from
> > one scripting language to another -- just manage it like
> > other database data using sql calls, which is a pretty
> > standard coding technique that even junior coders should
> > be comfortable with
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> i don't believe it's my responsibility to code apps so they
> can be worked on comfortably by junior coders.  that's not
> what the client is paying me for.  the client is paying me to
> develop technology that will solve their business problems.
> if that solution requires a complex collection of code, then
> that's what they'll get.  it might be nearly impossible for a
> junior coder to stumble their way through it and understand,
> but that's not the point.  readability of the code does not
> keep the client's business going -- performance of the code does.

I want to split hairs here. You can have VERY complex code that is still
well documented. I would think that would ALWAYS be a requirement for a
client. Also, complex code does not need to be hard to read. Heck, even
simple code can be hard to read. I would think that it would be very
important (maybe not the UPMOST importance) that your code be readable
so that it can be updated or corrected in the future. You say
readability does not keep the client's business going - but if a bug
pops up and your code is impossible to read, then you defintely have a
case where reability of code is impacting the client's business.

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