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>On 9 Sep 2002 , <unruly mongrel <thelist at lists.evolt.org>>
> > 1.  Do I really have to learn all those new languages &
> > programs? (I want to, but again, this is a "right now" job)
>Probably not.
> > 2.
> >  Can anyone point me in the right direction on HOW to get form
> > data to convert into .csv files (i've been searching and can't
> > find documentation anywhere online)?
>The most common solution I've seen is Matt's Formmail script
>that emails the form fields to someone (note you should use
>the secure version found at http://nms-cgi.sourceforge.net/
>as Matt's version is susceptible to spam attacks). In your
>situation I might start by trying to modify the Formmail
>script to append the submitted values to a .csv file, this
>should be incredibly easy to do if you have the least bit of
>familiarity with perl.
>Even better, I always figure that someone has already done
>what I'm trying to do and in this case, they have. A search
>on freshmeat.net shows a shareware script
>(http://www.inshift.com/csvMail.html) that  appeats to do
>what you want. A search at hotscripts.com finds a free
>(http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/9437.html) script
>(http://www.mycgiscripts.com/csvman.html) that might work.
>I'm assuming you're looking for a Perl solution, there are
>probably PHP and ASP solutions as well as something for most
>other server technologies out there.
> > 3.  At what point does
> > having a SQL-type database, intranet system become worthwhile,
> > instead of handling everything via paper trail, cgi/Perl and
> > Excel, and dichotomous, conflicting records?  I don't want to
> > push these people into advanced training and technology if
> > they don't need it.
>In your case, depends on the volume of form submitions and
>how much computing can/has to be done on the data. And you've
>already mentioned the human factor, some people would jump
>all over a hugely automated system, others would be happiest
>if they recieved a fax with each form submission. It sounds
>like you're somewhere in between.
> > Forgive my ignorance, for those more knowledgeable.  I bow in
> > humble awestruckness before your hardcore coding abilities.
>In my case, simple searching capabilities :)
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