[thelist] OpenSSL Vulnerability. Again.

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Fri Sep 13 17:58:00 CDT 2002

William Anderson wrote:
> Patch and burn time again kiddies ... well, once they've figured out which
> bit of Apache, mod_ssl and/or OpenSSL is vulnerable ...
> http://online.securityfocus.com/bid/5363/

That URL returns a 404 error, but it appears that the correct URL is
http://online.securityfocus.com/bid/5363 the same as above but without
the trailing slash.

It should also be noted that this vulnerability is reasonably old (July)
the updated part is that there is now a worm out in the wild that can
exploit the previous hole.  There are already two versions of OpenSSL
that are out that are not vulnerable to the exploit.


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