[thelist] Credit Card Authorisation

Mike Stevens mstevens at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 16 07:25:01 CDT 2002

I've worked with VeriSign in the past... they seem pretty solid.

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I'm creating a 'half-way' e-commerce site for a client and need to take
via https, then validate credit card number and expiry date for a range of
cards, and then e-mail confirmation to the customer and order to my client.
spent half the morning looking at dozens of scripts/components for ASP to do
this and am now on brain overload. I could write a script myself but time is
the essence and it seems daft to re-invent the wheel.
Could anyone point me in the direction of a script or component they can
recommend? Cost is not an issue within reason.


david at image2image.co.uk

16 September 2002

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