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Philip Warbasse info at warbassedesign.com
Mon Sep 16 09:31:00 CDT 2002

Neal wrote:  Yet they are having problems with search engines registering
their pages obviously anybody have any suggestions on having there pages
rated higher in search engines

Hi Neal,

A few thoughts on your post.

1.) Doorway pages are not the greatest way to deal with your problem because
they can make matters worse if not used the way the search engine
wants...and each engine is setup different.  There is a very fine line
between doorway pages and spam.  Each search engine has its own way of
determining this. Meta-refresh tags in doorway pages will almost always work
against you.  If you decide to use doorway pages use a VB script, javascript
or some other server side code to process the redirect.

2.) As for framesets,  there are a few things you can do to maintain some
control re: search engine placement.  First, add your meta tags and a title
to your frameset...just like any other page.  Second, be sure to use the NO
FRAMES tag on your frameset pages.  Third, to keep people from pulling up
pages out of the frameset use this script on each page
<Script language="JavaScript">
if (top == self) self.location.href="Frameset file here";
This automatically loads the whole frameset to keep your site intact.

Hope that helps.

Philip Warbasse

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> neal wrote:
> >They are not going to make any changes in the design
> >Yet they are having problems with search engines
> >registering their pages obviously
> >anybody have any suggestions on having there pages
> >rated higher in search engines
> Obviously make judicious use of nofames. Don't say this site uses frames,
> that just looks stupid when it turns up in the search engines. (Not that I
> haven't done it myself...)
> The noframes should essentially be an "old fashioned" web page, text only
> page with links to the sites main areas.
> On normal pages - the frame contents - have a mini navigation home, about
> us, contact on every page that way people can still find their way about
> when a search engine indexes a page within the site. This includes search
> engines that find your site from a deep link on another.
> Try to have some sort of branding on the top of every page with a link to
> home, and possibly a breadcrumb to the sections above it. Even if the site
> is several thousand pages with a nice little global search and replace
> can be done easily on each sub-folder.
> Talking of which, if the site uses sub-folders then make sure each has an
> appropriate and informative index page.
> Obviously use META tags,
> <meta name="keywords" content="">
> <meta name="Description" content="">
> though I believe that these aren't as important as they once were due to
> excessive meta spaming.
> If possible get rid of any page bloat, such as JavaScripts, Style Sheets
> include them, the search engines that read the first x hundred characters
> can then get to your data rather than a bunch of code.
> Encourage links to your site. Even if they are deep links, so approach
> sites that have a similar stance/article/whatever and exchange links.
> Sorry if that's all obvious stuff but it's a start.
> IMO, frames aren't as 'bad' as some people make out. If you type "Covent
> Garden" into Google
> http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&q=covent+garden
> then my simple site for the Covent Garden Community Association turns up
> fifth...
> http://www.coventgarden.org.uk/ which seeing as we only update it once in
> blue moon at the moment is pretty good.
> Kind regards,
> Liam Delahunty
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