[thelist] pop up window for image without MSIE image resize

James Aylard evolt at pixelwright.com
Mon Sep 16 10:06:01 CDT 2002


> I don't know if it'll change the Automatic Image Resizing (a 'feature' of
MSIE 6) as I haven't seen it documented anywhere (yet) that this attribute
will change anything but the Image Toolbar but you might play around with
that. I recalled reading this at sitepoint or somethin' once but didn't give
it much thought as my current project doesn't have images (.. at least, no
links to big ones.. at least, not yet;) but you brought it up again so I was
forced to research it in slightly more depth, so..

    Adding the snippets that you suggest certainly makes sense if one wants
to also defeat the image toolbar. But keep in mind that, by all evidence I
have seen, the automatic image resizing feature is only evident if you open
an image directly in the browser, without containing it within a web page.
So if you click on a link to extraLargeImage.jpg -- an image larger than
will fit in the current browser window without scrolling -- IE 6 by default
will resize the image to fit the window, and will also display a single
"resize" button when you hover over the image.
    But if that same image is embedded in a web page by way of an <img>
element, IE will not resize the image nor will it display the image-resize
button. And, obviously, to include either a <meta> element or a galleryimg
attribute, you must embed the image within a web page, which by design will
eliminate the image-resize feature.

James Aylard

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