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GregHolmes at aol.com GregHolmes at aol.com
Mon Sep 16 12:18:01 CDT 2002

"Dunstan Orchard" <dunstan at 1976design.com> wrote:

>does anyone have a good:
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>php script for displaying mysql results?
I've been searching for about a week now and have only found
>two - neither of which are satisfactory, mainly because they
>put the navigation after displaying the results - not very
>friendly if you're displaying 50 images per page (lots of
>scrolling to the bottom).

Is there any reason you can't modify what you have and put the links at
the top of the results?

If the script is too convoluted to make that possible, or if you do not
have enough understanding to do that, then perhaps you are going down
the wrong path ... just a thought.

Here's an ASP example that I used as a basis for paging code ... the
example they give also has the nav on the bottom, but it was trivial to
move it to the top.


Greg Holmes

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