[thelist] CSS : Aligning XHTML content to bottom of page

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Mon Sep 16 13:09:01 CDT 2002

> I try as much as possible to produce table-less layouts in my
> projects/work - even more so when combined with an XHTML DOCTYPE, however
> some designs that I receive necessitate aligning content to the bottom of
> the page.
> I could set position: absolute; bottom: 10px; for the content I wish to
> align but then if the user views the page on a low screen resolution the
> positioned content will overlap.

If it really *must* be aligned at the bottom (and I'm assuming visible at
all times), then you should give it a solid background color (even if it
matches the existing background color, anything so text behind it won't
bleed through) and give it a z-index above the text it currently overlaps

Then let the scroll bars do what they do best and let the users scroll.

This'll validate.


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