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Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Mon Sep 16 13:50:24 CDT 2002

Rob, these are checkboxes right?  If so, when they are submitted only the
checked ones are sent, so you don't need to verify each one.  Furthermore
they come in as a comma/space separated string, like:

val1, val2, val3

A simple split() yields a loopable array:

dim checkboxes
checkboxes = split(request("TX_Hays"), ", ")
' note that all your checkboxes per group should have the same name, diff.

I missed the first 1/2 of this thread so forgive me if my message is
completely irrelevant. :)


Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

> Jay,
> Do you really think I'm going to sit here and do:
> if request.form("TX_Hays") = checked then
>    string = "TX_Hays"
> end if
> if request.form("...
> ...
>  for every single county in the United States? :-\
> Rob

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