[thelist] Using Apache as intranet and development server

Keith Underdown keith.underdown at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Sep 16 15:17:01 CDT 2002

Benjamin wrote:
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From: Benjamin <kalos at carolina.rr.com>
Subject: Re: [thelist] Using Apache as intranet and development server
  on broadband
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I highly agree with Hassan Schroeder in regards to the firewall but would
also like to point out that a low end machines also make great
firewall/gateways.  I found (read, was beside the dumpster with a fresh
restore of Win95b on it) a p120 Compaq where I used to work that sat
unattended for 2 days.  I finally grabbed it and after minimal effort
(adding 2 networking cards and the actual install) have a perfectly working
machine to protect my network.  Granted, this does take up a little more
room on my desk but the learning experience has been great (especially
since I didn't want cute rounded button menus holding my hand) and I am
able to block most ads with a simple host file on one machine.

It's all where you look however.  I've found 4 machines like this in the
last year (not counting the older systems such as Intellivision and Radio
Shack TRS-80) that still work and I just need to find time to add to the

Yes I have an old laptop with Win98 & IE4 on it. It seems to have a few
physical problems since I dropped on the marble floor of the Customs Hall at
Kuwait Airport!.

I guess I could try loading it with LINUX so I could test *nix browsers!

What set up would you recommend?


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