[thelist] transferring "ownership" of a domain

Nan Smith nansmith at heritageconcord.org
Mon Sep 16 18:17:00 CDT 2002

I tried that after getting the royal run around by
Verisign, and they flatly denied the transfer. I waited a
week to hear this. You can try it...

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Nan, thanks for the heads up.

My understanding though is you can do this aspect of it -
transferring from
NetSol to a better registrar (gandi) from the other end
more easily.
Someone recently mentioned that you can fill out certain
forms on gandi and
they handle this transition for you. The thread was
'domain renewal'
earlier this month.

What I'm wondering though is would it be necessary to have
Administrative and Technical contacts changed from an ISP
to my client (who
is listed as the Registrant) before I can make this switch
to gandi.

Message from Nan Smith (9/16/2002 06:36 PM)
>What is supposed to happen is that you request the domain
>name transfer from NetSol which is now VeriSign, and they
>send an email to the person whose email address was
>(as the registrant, I think) to verify that this is on
>up and up. There are directions for what to do in the
>email, I think you have to go to a page on their website
>and click on something to give your approval, and then
>everything should be fine and dandy.
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>Got a client whose domain name was registered by his ISP,
>on his behalf. He
>is listed as the REGISTRANT, however the ISP is the
>Technical and
>Administrative contact.
>I want to move the domain over from NetSol to gandi. Can
>do this without
>having the Tech and Administrative contacts changed? Or
>we need to get
>his ISP to request those changes first?

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