[thelist] Mozilla bug??

Rob Schumann roblgs at cscoms.com
Mon Sep 16 21:45:01 CDT 2002

Hi Peter-Paul,

Thanks for bearing with me on this...

On 16-09-2002 Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

 > Not on Win98. See my test page at
 > www.xs4all.nl/~ppk/tests/mozilladinges.html , I see the right
 > side of the text without trouble.

Me too, same result as you with your code, so...

... I've made some changes and have a file that disappears right and bottom using an adaptation of your embedded styles... same url as before


The key is the container div... and the effect seems only to become visible for nested divs...

I think I can see _why_ this might be happening to the right, and by extension the bottom, although the desired (intended!) effect differs from this. The container (and hence page depth should grow to accommodate the offset inner div, but the page and container width should serve to constrain the width of the inner div).

Actually, IE (Mac) seems to apply the "grow to accommodate" rule in both directions, which at least allows all content to be visible.

Both the "container" and "test" divs have implied width as that of the viewport and implied depth being that of their content. Using absolute positioning of the "test" div and no positioning to the "container" everything appears to be fine.

Changing the positioning of "test" to be relative now causes the right and bottom over-runs.

Things get complicated if both "test" and "container" are relative positioned, and if "container" is relative positioned to a non-zero offset then positioning "test" as either absolute or relative can also cause problems.

I get really strange results setting both as absolute!!

Maybe I'm just trying to be too complicated with my stylesheets, actually trying to avoid a float when perhaps a float will work better, at least for recent browsers!!! :O/

Thanks again for your help with this.



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