[thelist] Using Apache as intranet and development server on broadband

Jon Hart jon at mmmpie.com
Tue Sep 17 00:29:00 CDT 2002

On 2002-09-17 at 01:42:52 [+0000], you wrote:
> A great, all-in-one Linux distribution that takes all of 20 minutes to
> get up and running is the Mitel SME Server, formerly eSmith. The
> non-commercial version can be found at http://www.e-smith.org. I'm using
> it as a private server for quite a few small business clients, and also
> use it myself for testing -- MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc. etc.

Im also using SME ( eSmith ) as my gateway server.
It is very easy to setup and get going, but soon becomes harder.
They have a real nice web admin interface, but it is quite limited.
However the backend to support means that you have to edit a much more
complex set of scripts than a typical linux install to make custom changes.
I think that it is a fair comment that if you want more than comes in the
box, esmith isnt a really good choice. Its probably a good place to start

> I'm also going to mention DynDNS (http://www.dyndns.org), which has lots
> of "dynamic" domains to choose from (like homeftp.org, kicks-ass.org,
> etc. etc.) PLUS they can do "custom" dynamic domains --> register a
> domain of your choice, then have them host the DNS for you (so you can
> have myveryownserver.com point to your machine at home). Details on
> their custom service can be found here -->
> http://www.dyndns.org/mydyndns/custom/

Im using zoneedit, which is free for low traffic sites. You just buy a
domain and assign DNS control to zoneedit. From there you can have full
dynamic ip support ( I got a script from esmith.org to do dyndns for
zoneedit ) and mail forwarding.
Cost is based on valume of traffic ( mostly DNS traffic ). You get
something like 500mb a year for free, which is a lot of DNS, but not so
much mail ( if you use the forwarding feature and dont host your own server


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