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Dan Stockton prosayist at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 02:03:01 CDT 2002

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James Aylard wrote:

>Adding the snippets that you suggest certainly makes sense.. But if that same image is embedded...

Absolutely. Whereby I won't install IE6, I'm not familiar with the methods it uses, but that's just common sense so I figured as such (surprising, after all these years, MS finally comes up with something common sense!) and what I had originally intended was to embed the image in a page and open the page instead

However, I'd recommend PHP (prob'ly could use ASP or CFM but I always recommend php) to simply make a form with
<input type="image" src="path/to.img" name="theimg">
/* NOTE: this hasn't been tested.. yet (but I'm workin' on it) */
.. then pass it back to javascript to open a new window...

What I'm sayin', what I'm intending to do with this is simply put your image source in one PHP file, possibly with a '$new name', that will print an html page with "<img src="image.jpg" height="height" width="width" galleryimg="(no/false/0?.. see below)">
then javascript.openwindow('previously mentioned html page at the specified width/height attributes')

HUH! maybe somethin' like that anyway. I'll figure it out and post back

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Roger Ly wrote:
>His note said the value of CONTENT should be "false", while I use "no".
   I wrote 'false', you use 'no'.. either one will work according to documentation (I don't have IE6) I would like to know if '0' works also. It's common syntax and that variable works with everything else so... I'd be interested to know, if anybody could test this out and post/email the results I'd be a little bit more satisfied.


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