[thelist] I need more than $PHP_SELF

Rich Gray richardgray at onetel.co.uk
Tue Sep 17 05:32:01 CDT 2002

$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] should include the query string as well.

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Hi there,

how can I grab an entire url like this:


and then add another statment onto the end of it?

Basically I need to add 'large=large' to the end of my url regardless of
whatever variables might or might not have been set already.

I was thinking of doing something like:

<a href="<? echo "$PHP_SELF"; ?>?large=large" title="View a larger version
the images">large images</a>

But $PHP_SELF only grabs the bit up to the question mark.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks again - dunstan

Dorset, England
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