[thelist] does 301 redir count as spam?

eriksativa abardelli at freesurf.ch
Tue Sep 17 06:21:01 CDT 2002

hi all

new listie here, been lurking for a while and already had great insights
into many a thing, thanks to everybody

time for my first query then :-)

are Error Document 301 instructions in an .htaccess file
search-engine-safe, as opposed to META Refresh tags and Javascript redirs
generally risking being considered as spam? I am asking because I am to
relocate quite a large number of pages on a site, and i wouldn't like it to
be penalised by redirections, even though i can't really do without them.

and also, as I am to relocate a big bunch of pages, would anybody know of
any applications that enable one to sort of "batch process" the compiling
of the errordocs (other than copy and paste, of course :-) ? - I am asking
because some of the pages have very similar prefixes and/or suffixes in
their filenames, but are not similar enough to just run a crude find and
replace or anything like that.

yeah, i am a lazy bastard... sorry :-)

will come up with a tip when i have one



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