[thelist] Mozilla bug??

Philippe Wittenbergh phiw at l-c-n.com
Tue Sep 17 10:31:01 CDT 2002

On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, at 08:26 PM, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

>> www.rs-tc.com/csstest/
>> The key is the container div... and the effect seems only to become
>> visible
>> for nested divs...
>> I think I can see _why_ this might be happening to the right, and by
>> extension the bottom, although the desired (intended!) effect differs
>> from
>> this. The container (and hence page depth should grow to accommodate
>> the
>> offset inner div, but the page and container width should serve to
>> constrain the width of the inner div).
> Not sure if the container div should grow. Its dimensions are initially
> calculated to contain the nested div in its normal, static position.
> When
> you move the DIV, I'm not sure if the browsers *should* accomodate the
> container div. After all, when you position the nested div absolutely,
> the
> container doesn't accomodate it either.
> So I think this is normal behaviour. If you want the div to be entirely
> visible, don't use position: relative or absolute.

Moz does indeed some weird things there. And specifying a width on the
parent <div> does fix the problem.

Watch the first (top) div. The red border is on the parent div, the blue
border on the nested div.


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