[thelist] OT: wireless web access (urgent help needed)

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 18 00:02:00 CDT 2002

> we've got a new employee that is going to be working
> offsite 95% of the
> time and he needs to internet access and much as
> possible.
> please if you can, answer a few questions for me.
> 1. what hardware is needed?

Cellular modem with GSM/GPRS

> 2. is this what 802.11 is?

No, that's for short-range (150-1500 feet) networking.

> 3. what service providers are there? how does
> accessing the internet
> work?

AT&T in the us now offers GSM/GPRS service, but the
coverage is still limited. Depends, I guess, on your
service area. If you don't mind being the 9600 baud
ballpark, you could buya cellphone with a modem, like
some of the Nokias, or get a cellular modem card for
the laptop and a cable kit for the phone.

> 4. is VPN possible? (i'm going to take a guess and
> say no, but i just
> thought i'd ask.)

Yeah, through AT&T you could buy permanent IPs and set
up a VPN scheme, or with your own PPtP protocol or

> alternatively, if you know of a good way for an
> employee to remotely get
> email anytime they need it, wherever they are,
> please let me know.

If you're primarily concerned with email connectivity,
Blackberry is awesome. Their enterprise product allows
filesharing too.


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