[thelist] OT: wireless web access (urgent help needed)

Rex Vincent J. Aglibot rex at gordiansystems.com
Wed Sep 18 00:02:57 CDT 2002

Hi Chris,

Wireless is a very good technology, but is only efficient in certain
applications.  Wireless, or Wi-Fi, has two standards: 802.11a (let's call it
A)  and 802.11b (call this B).  A is faster than B, but B is cheaper.  By
cheaper, I mean cheaper equipment.  Range is a factor when using wi-fi.
100m is a good range, but if you're talking miles, then you need geeks to
work on it using 802.11b, by setting up 20 ft. antennas with scopes and line
of sight, pointing at each other.  Really geeky stuff.

A couple of questions:
1.  will he be working on the road or in a house/bldg. with phone access?
If so, just get him an internet account at nationwide ISPs like AOL,
Earthlink or MSN
2.  how far away is the employee working at?  If near, go for 802.11b.  If
not then...

You have a lot of options, actually.  You can just buy a 802.11b pc card for
his laptop and look for open networks on the road .  Or you can use a
cellphone modem for his laptop and sign up at an ISP like Verizon.  Check
out www.goamerica.com or www.globalstarusa.com for satellite phone service.
Check out www.toaster.net for open wi-fi networks.


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> hi.
> sorry to beg attention for this email, but i really do need help, and
> quickly if possible.
> we've got a new employee that is going to be working offsite 95% of the
> time and he needs to internet access and much as possible. so the idea
> came up of having wireless access, but i have no idea where to even
> start to look for that and what hardware is needed to access a wireless
> network.
> please if you can, answer a few questions for me.
> 1. what hardware is needed?
> 2. is this what 802.11 is?
> 3. what service providers are there? how does accessing the internet
> work?
> 4. is VPN possible? (i'm going to take a guess and say no, but i just
> thought i'd ask.)
> alternatively, if you know of a good way for an employee to remotely get
> email anytime they need it, wherever they are, please let me know.
> thanks a lot!
> chris.
> p.s. 1 tip(s) owed.
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