[thelist] OT: wireless web access (urgent help needed)

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Sep 18 00:04:07 CDT 2002

I am not sure where you are located so this is hard to answer. If you
are located in Canada, and possibly in the States, then getting email
whenever/wherever is not a problem. My suggestion would be to check out
Research in Motion and their Blackberry product. (this is what it is
called in Canada)

Research in Motion: http://www.rim.net/

The blackberry is a pager on steriods. It allows for short text
messaging as well as email. It uses an always-on connection, so email is
delivered to the product immediately. No need to connect and retrieve email.

As for connecting to the internet wirelessly. This is something is
*very* dependant on where in the world you are wanting to connect. There
are several wireless modems that can be purchased and installed in
laptop computers. However, these need to be signed up with a wireless
provider. Usually the same companies that provide cell phone access in
your area. Contact them and ask for information.

Speaking on experience in the Toronto, Canada, area service will be
highly dependent on where you are. If you are in a city then your
connection will be good. However, as you move out of the city, the
connection quality degrades the further away you get.


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